Semi Automatic ROPP Cap Sealing Machine - Single Head

Semi Automatic ROPP Cap Sealing Machine - Single Head

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Application and Process:
Our semi-automatic ROPP cap sealing machine single head is deployed to seal bottles in beverage, agro chemicals, dairy, food and medical businesses. The system is composed enclosed, versatile and compact in an untainted steel with beautiful matt finish structure that includes of single head drive unit with gear motor and cam. Our systems’ head moves down and up with revolution to make thread on cap to make impeccable seal cap for bottles. Manually, each bottle is aligned in place for sealing as well as is unloaded following capping procedure.

Key Features:
  • Down and up heat movements through integrated motor and cam
  • Head motion through computerized capping machine
  • Zero change components demanded
  • Least power usage and sound level
  • Changeable bottle tallness gauge for fast and simple setting
  • Hard chrome and SS cladding platting of every external component to protect against rust
  • Differed sealing pressure to match countless cap sizes and gauges