Basket Extruder PBE-150

Basket Extruder PBE-150

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The mentioned model of Basket Extruder renders wet extrusion method of minimum pressure in combination with the moderate sheer. Our Basket Extruder PBE-150 offers versatility in the technique of wet extrusion for forming granules of diameter ranging from 0.5 to 5.0mm. This extruder helps in producing extrudate of a particular consistency by using wet powders. Extruded products possess stable structure which have wider surface area for providing optimum properties of Spheronization. Formed extrudates can be easily discharged without getting damage by the discharge design of our rendered Basket Extruder PBE-150.

Significant features:
  • Comes with a safety switch that helps in preventing the operations during removal of screen.
  • Available with wiping blades which can be adjusted for controlling sheer.
  • Temperature can be minimized by the short active path for extrusion.
  • The breaker bar keeps rotating that does not let the material stick together.